cnc shearing


We offer sheet shearing with ATLANTIS ATS 3006 hydraulic plate shear. Computerized numerical control provides high shearing precision up to 0.1 mm. Adjustable length and automatic setting of angle and distance between shears provide high product quality, short processing time and low price. The sheets can be supplied by our company or delivered by the client.

Maximum size: 3000 × 1500 mm. Maximum thickness:

  • aluminium – 8 mm
  • structural steel – 6 mm
  • acid-resistant steel – 4 mm
  • copper and brass – 5 mm

cnc sheet bending


We offer sheet bending services. We use ATLANTIC HTP-36-150 press brake providing high bending precision, shape repeatability and high speed (for large orders). Computerized numerical control provides precision, while ATLANTIC and FERRARI tools allow bending of complex shapes.

Parameters. Bending length: 3600 mm.
Clearance between stands: 3000 mm.
Maximum sheet thickness:

  • aluminium – 8 mm
  • structural steel – 6 mm
  • acid-resistant steel – 5 mm
  • copper or brass – 5 mm

sheet rolling


We offer sheet rolling services. Maximum rolling width 2000 mm, minimum diameter – 200 mm. Maximum rolled sheet thickness:

  • aluminium – 4 mm
  • structural steel – 3 mm
  • acid-resistant steel – 2 mm
  • copper and brass – 2 mm

Note – higher thickness is available at low rolling width.

rolling and roll bending of pipes and profiles


We offer a wide range of rolling and roll bending services for pipes and profiles. Computer design enables us to produce even the most complex shapes. We use mechanical ZOPF GmbH ZB 60 M rolling mill – see specification.

resistance butt welding and stud welding


Our offer:

  • resistance butt welding of steel components
  • stud, pin and bolt welding

Resistance butt welding is a method of joining metal components by pressing them together with optional preheating. This process is very effective for large batches of casings, boxes or crates. It can also be used for welding sheets and wire elements. Stud welding is made with a specialized machine DIN 32501 (M8). It is a highly effective and useful process for advertisement banners, stands, boards etc.

We offer the following welding and metalwork services:

  • welding constructions made of structural steel, acid resistant steel and stainless steel
  • welding aluminium, copper and brass
  • production of machine and device parts
  • mechanical and plastic metal working
  • machine, device and structure prototypes – according to the client’s design and specification

Welding services are carried out by MIG/MAG (MIG – metal inert gas welding, MAG – metal active gas welding), TIG and manual arc welding method.

Our expert welders (aluminium, stainless steel, acid resistant steel, structural steel and other metals) operate the highest quality equipment. Their experience reflects the long-standing tradition of our company.



We offer machining services, i.e. turning and milling.



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